Extra storage space


Carries up to

500 kg

The trusted solution for

15 years

Happy customers:

over 1000

Declutter your apartment with an extra 2.4 m3 in storage

Boxes, Tools, Furniture, Bicycles, Toys, Suitcases, Sporting Equipment, Books, Wine, Documents, Clothing and so on. If it’s cluttering your living area, stick it in the Spacemate!

About Spacemate

  • Since 2002 Spacemate has been providing our happy customers with a top-quality storage alternative.
  • Spacemate improves living standards by reducing clutter, especially in apartments and townhouses where storage space is limited.
  • Spacemate sits within the confines of car park spaces, does not require extra floor space and is an attractive storage solution.
  • Spacemate has a simple and clean design. Finished in Colorbond® pre-painted steel it looks smart, does not attract dust and is easily brushed clean.
  • Spacemate is the preferred storage solution for apartment living in Melbourne.

Storage Uses

Who uses the Spacemate?
People living in apartments. Businesses short on storage space. Homeowners looking for extra space.

Where can you use a Spacemate?
Garage, Parking Bay, Carport, Serviced Offices, Serviced Apartments, Beach House, Ski Lodge, Patios, Cellars, under the house.

What can be stored in a Spacemate?
Boxes, Tools, Furniture, Bicycles, Toys, Suitcases, Sporting Equipment, Books, Wine, Documents, Clothing and so on. If it cluttering your living area, stick it in the Spacemate.

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For Architects and Developers

  • Effective storage solution
  • Doesn't require additional floor space
  • Bulk orders available
  • Modifications available
  • Engineered for strength and finished for durability
  • 2.4 m3 storage space (standard)

For Body Corporates

  • Provides owners with an effective and usable storage solution
    Consistent and attractive storage
  • Reduces risks and appearance of goods stored loose in car park areas
    Replaces unsightly and insecure storage cages
  • May be customised (size, shape) to ensure consistency in shared parking environments
  • May be installed without permanent fixing to building surfaces
    Spacemate will support body corporate approval processes


  • Standard Unit Dimensions: Spacemate 2.4m wide x 1.0m high x 1.0m deep
  • Legs be made long or short depending on the height of the vehicle bonnet and the available overhead clearance (As a rule allow an overall minimum height allowance of two metres for a sedan bonnet to fit under the Spacemate.)
  • Made of pre-painted steel, top, bottom and sides.
    Our standard unit is finished in Colorbond® Shale Grey which blends in nicely into car park environments.
  • The door opens upwards out of the way for easy access to the unit and is supported by gas struts for easy opening and closing.
  • We do make non-standard Spacemates if required due to restrictions in available car spaces

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