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  • Standard Unit Dimensions: 2.4m wide x 1.0m high x 1.0m deep

  • Legs can be made long or short depending on the height of the vehicle bonnet and the available overhead clearance.

  • Made of pre-painted steel, top, bottom and sides.

  • Our standard unit is finished in Colorbond® Shale Grey which blends in nicely to car park environments.

  • The door opens upwards out of the way for easy access to the unit and is supported by gas struts for easy opening and closing.

  • We can customize Spacemates if restrictions prevent the use of a standard size unit.

For Architects and Developers

  • Effective storage solution

  • Doesn't require additional floor space

  • Bulk orders available

  • Modifications available

  • Engineered for strength and finished for durability

  • 2.4m³ storage space (standard)

For Body Corporates

  • Provides owners with an effective and usable storage solution

  • Consistent and attractive storage

  • Reduces risks and appearance of goods stored loose in car park areas

  • Replaces unsightly and insecure storage cages

  • May be customised (size, shape) to ensure consistency in shared parking environments

  • May be installed without permanent fixing to building surfaces

  • Spacemate will support body corporate approval processes

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